Picture of Chris Rooum, Head of Professional Services

What are the benefits of being a Recruitment Consultant?

According to The Telegraph, being a corporate recruiter is the most rewarding job in terms of satisfaction and earning potential.

We are growing at RE Recruitment, and we are currently hiring across all our divisions and UK locations. Head of Professional Services, Chris Rooum, shares his thoughts on the most satisfying aspects of the role of a recruiter.


Starting your Career Journey:  What to do if you have no experience on your CV?

When stepping out on to your career path, it can be daunting applying for jobs with little or no experience on your CV.

If you haven’t worked part-time or in the holidays whilst in education, you might find yourself in a chicken and egg type scenario – you need a job to gain experience and experience to get a job.

Here we look at ways to boost your CV and acquire skills that employers are looking for.


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