Be a Social Butterfly…

So you’re looking for a job, you’ve planned your approach, you know what you’re looking for, so where’s the best place to find the right job? Now in this Part 3 we take a look at social media and networking and how they can help you in your quest.


God’s Number – 20 Years of Recruitment

Richard East’s, Group Chairman, 20 poignant moments of the journey to a completely different recruitment experience with RE and Safehands Recruitment. 20 years of bravery, collaboration, innovation and sheer resilience.


Job Hunting: It’s all in the planning

Job hunting is a job in itself! If you want to land that dream role, you need to put the effort in and plan your strategy and rest assured that your commitment will be rewarded if you do.

Following our previous blog on Career Paths, hopefully, now you know which route you want to take. To help you further, we’ve put together a plan of attack when it comes to job searching and increasing your chances of being successful in the job market. So, take a timeout, grab a cuppa and read on – remember what ‘they’ say “ fail to prepare, prepare to fail!”


Uncover your career path

Are you struggling to find your way along the ever winding career path?

Perhaps you’re not sure what type of work makes you happy or what job might suit you. Well, never fear, we’re here to shine a light down the sometimes dimly lit career path.

Read on for our hints and tips on uncovering your career direction.


International Plastic Bag Free Day: Why should we stop using Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are the bane of our lives – they’re everywhere – especially during the lunchtime rush!

So, on International Plastic Bag Free Day, we are continuing to invest in a mindset change by raising awareness of a future without plastic bags and the availability of environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use bags. Read on to understand why plastic bags are bad and why it’s important to us that everyone kicks the habit.


Why social connections enhance employee wellness and performance

Most of us spend most of our lives at work, which is why work relationships are vital to employee wellness. The workplace, be it physical or remote, and the relationships we form often becomes an extension of our family and outside-of-work friendships, which is why it’s more about simply getting along with colleagues.

So, what to do to promote social connections in your workplace? Here are some ideas…


Our CSR Journey: Being responsibly responsible for our environment.

CSR – what does it really take to live and breathe a company’s commitment to bettering societal and environmental challenges? Here, we share our journey of building and nurturing our environmental pledge, our quest for sincerity through consistency, why it matters and why the heavyweight of responsibility rests on all corporate shoulders, not just that of giants.


A Clear and Present Danger: Attracting staff back to hospitality

It’s been a very tough and turbulent time for many businesses since March 2020. Alongside travel and retail, hospitality has been one of the sectors hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we see the industry slowly re-open, what’s concerning is how do we attract young people back to work in hospitality? Find out RE Recruitment are facing the challenge head on.


Hybrid Working: Going back to the future?

Hybrid working is when a workplace is equitably split between WFH and office-based workers with teams comprised of employees from both camps. Read all about the Pros and Cons of implementing a policy in your business, by RE HR Solutions.


Remote Employee Engagement: Is a lack of remote onboarding focus stunting your business?

As the Government urges people to consider returning to the workplace, new research from the CIPD shows employers expect that the proportion of people working from home on a regular basis, once the crisis is over, will increase to 37% compared to 18% before the pandemic. Read our list of top 10 tips for successful onboarding, by Chris Rooum, Head of Professional Services.


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