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Top Tips for Managing Absences

In a tight job market, hiring managers want to ensure that productivity levels are met without the constant impact of looking for absence cover. With the support of RE Recruitment onsite services, companies can ensure absenteeism is managed effectively with little intervention from you.

Here, Mark Norton, our Head of Onsite Services, shares his tips on managing absences and how RE Recruitment can help.


Further expansion for RE Recruitment in Worcester

The extremely successful Worcester office has recently added another string to its bow. The opening of a new Construction division led by Branch Manager, Mike Pratt, will see the team in Worcester now recruiting for roles across this sector. All types of specialists, skilled and unskilled roles. Everything from Site Managers and Quantity Surveyors to Bricklayers, Plumbers, Electricians and Labourers.

Here, Mike talks about why now is the right time to launch this division in Worcester, and what the construction team can offer both candidates and clients,

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Benefits of Onsite Recruitment

If your organisation is growing rapidly or you’re experiencing peaks and troughs in workforce needs, you should consider the value an onsite recruiter will bring. 

Perhaps you’re finding it a perpetual challenge to find the best talent for your company, more so now in a candidate-led market, and you need recruitment support.

See how we can help you more through our onsite recruitment solution.

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What skills will be needed in the future?

The world of work is perpetually evolving. As the development of AI and digital technologies adds to this rapid evolution, today’s workforce will need to keep up with the changes by learning new skills and adapting as new occupations appear. Arguably, the Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked this transformation.

Chris Rooum, our Head of Professional Services, talks about his career experiences and reviews what future skill requirements appear on the horizon, how you can keep up with changes by upskilling and how organisations can recruit for skills, rather than experience.

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What are the benefits of being a Recruitment Consultant?

According to The Telegraph, being a corporate recruiter is the most rewarding job in terms of satisfaction and earning potential.

We are growing at RE Recruitment, and we are currently hiring across all our divisions and UK locations. Head of Professional Services, Chris Rooum, shares his thoughts on the most satisfying aspects of the role of a recruiter.


Starting your Career Journey:  What to do if you have no experience on your CV?

When stepping out on to your career path, it can be daunting applying for jobs with little or no experience on your CV.

If you haven’t worked part-time or in the holidays whilst in education, you might find yourself in a chicken and egg type scenario – you need a job to gain experience and experience to get a job.

Here we look at ways to boost your CV and acquire skills that employers are looking for.


What’s new in 2022 for the UK job market?

What does the future hold for the UK job market? 

The signs are positive and challenging once again.  On the plus side, reports envisage UK economic growth to return in Q2, presenting many opportunities in the world of work.  However, on the flip side, the job market is likely to remain unstable with labour/skills shortages, supply chain issues and people resigning to seek more fulfilling and flexible working opportunities. 

Here, we gaze into the crystal ball to give you our predictions for 2022.


Covering Letters and Videos

Found that perfect job and ready to apply?  you even create one, and will it make a difference? Should you go one step further and send an intro video? Here we take a look at the benefits and offer some advice.


FAST50: The Rise of the Multi-sector Recruiter

The multisector recruiter has many benefits, should be respected, and is here to stay. As we celebrate becoming the fastest growing, privately owned, recruitment agency, we talk to Richard East about the journey.


The Perfect CV

So you’re looking for a job, you’ve planned your approach, you know what you’re looking for, so where’s the best place to find the right job? Now in this Part 3 we take a look at social media and networking and how they can help you in your quest.


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