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How to Get an Office Job

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How to Get an Office Job

How to Get an Office Job

Office jobs are once again increasing in popularity here in the UK. People choose office-based roles due to the regular hours, wide range of benefits, and great career progression opportunities. Entry-level positions in office roles allow individuals to learn more about a specific industry and improve their skills. They also provide a foot in the door for progression to more advanced office jobs such as office manager or marketing executive.

Obtaining an office job with no previous experience is not as difficult as it seems, so there’s no need to be apprehensive when looking for your next role. Read our guide to everything entry-level office jobs below.

Types of Office Jobs

Office environments are varied by nature, and so there are many types of office jobs out there. Common areas for general office jobs include:

  • Administration roles including administrative assistants, receptionists and data entry clerks.
  • Business management positions such as bookkeepers, event planners and recruitment assistants.
  • Financial service roles including mortgage assistants and financial analysts.
  • Call centre work such as customer service and sales representatives.
  • Legal roles including legal secretaries and court clerks.
  • Educational roles such as teaching assistants and research assistants.
  • IT work including programmers, application developers and website designers.
  • Marketing positions such as marketing assistants, copywriters and graphic designers.
  • Healthcare roles including support workers and healthcare assistants.

How to Get an Office Job with No Experience

Complete an Internship or Volunteering Programme

If you’re searching for an entry-level office job, it may be helpful to obtain some on-the-job experience. You could consider enrolling in an internship or volunteering in a busy office environment. The skills you develop can then be included within your CV, helping you stand out amongst the competition. 

If you make a strong impression whilst interning or volunteering, the manager may provide you with a good reference. If you’re lucky, they may even offer you a permanent role.

Consider Part-Time or Temporary Roles

Although you may be looking for a full-time office role, you should not pass up on any temporary or part-time opportunities. These will provide you with invaluable work experience, increasing the chances of you obtaining a full-time, permanent position. Temporary contracts also allow you to trial different types of office jobs. This will give you a better understanding of which area you may like to pursue.

You could consider approaching a temporary recruitment agency. They will have access to the latest office-based job opportunities in your area, which will help take the pressure off when job hunting. You can simply apply for any available opportunities of your choosing.

Build a Strong Network

It’s vitally important to build both your personal and professional networks. These can prove to be key sources of information and could even lead to a job opportunity later down the line. Consider asking friends, family members, teachers, previous employers and past colleagues if they have any information about available office roles.

Joining industry groups and attending networking events can be a great way to make new connections. For example, the annual Brighton SEO conference offers a great opportunity to network with fellow marketing professionals.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Having a professional LinkedIn profile will pay dividends when looking for a permanent office job. Include any relevant qualifications and experience, before adding any personal and professional connections. You could ask previous employers or colleagues to endorse your skills and leave positive reviews about your work performance. 

Ensure that you update your profile regularly as you gain new experience, skill sets or qualifications. This will show future employers that you are proactive when furthering your professional development and seeking new opportunities.

Create a Standout CV & Cover Letter

Once you’ve found an office job you’d like to apply for, you can begin to create your CV. There are many guides and templates available online that can help you craft a professional CV and cover letter.

Make sure you present any relevant transferable skills and work experience in a user-friendly format. Include soft skills relating to organisation, time management, customer service and teamwork, as well as any technical skills. Ensure you tailor your CV and covering letter for the specific role you are applying for. This will demonstrate your commitment to the position and industry as a whole.

Looking for Your Next Office Job?

If you’re looking for an office job with no experience, RE Recruitment is here to help throughout every step of your job search. Our dedicated recruitment team has access to a wide range of office-based roles, including business support, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, customer service, IT and administration positions. Register with us today to land your dream office job role.

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