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Top 5 Software Skills Every Office Worker Should Know

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Top 5 Software Skills Every Office Worker Should Know

Top 5 Software Skills Every Office Worker Should Know

Today, it would be unthinkable to imagine working life without a computer, so it makes sense that you keep your computer skills up to speed. You don’t have to be an IT genius, but there are certain software skills that every office worker should know if they want to impress at work and do their job to the best of their ability.

What are software skills?

Software refers to different types of computer programmes that are used on computers to perform specific tasks. Many of these computer programmes, such as Word and Outlook, will be familiar to anyone who uses a computer at home. Others are more advanced and relate directly to certain industries and you will only need to know them if you work in those industries. If you are looking to work in an office, there are a handful of software programmes that you should familiarise yourself with which would give your CV a boost.

Top 5 Top 5 Software Skills Every Office Worker Should Know

  • Microsoft Office Suite 

You will probably already be familiar with Microsoft Office and its suite of everyday computer software programmes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Proficiency in these applications is fundamental for anyone wanting to work in an office as they allow you to perform tasks ranging from document creation and data analysis to presentation design and email management. Advanced Excel knowledge, including functions, formulas, and data visualisation, is desirable as it can significantly boost productivity. And with more collaborative work becoming more important in office life, understanding features, such as real-time sharing and editing in the cloud, is essential. 

  • Project Management Tools

In today’s fast-paced working world, it is more important than ever to keep track of projects and manage them efficiently. That’s where Project Management Tools come in. Applications such as Asan, Teamwork and Jira allow teams to organise and manage projects through different stages of their life cycles, to ensure that everyone can hit deadlines and budgets.

  • Communication and Collaboration Platforms

With more people embracing hybrid and remote working, it has become more important than ever to have efficient methods of communication. Tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams make it possible to share information in real-time through chats and messaging, conference calls and virtual meetings and the sharing of files. These applications mean that wherever you are in the world, you can communicate easily to ensure smooth day-to-day interactions.

  •  Digital Marketing Software

Websites, email newsletters, social media applications, these are all digital tools that companies need to grow their business. WHile marketing may not be part of your remit, it is useful to have basic knowledge of CMS systems for updating website content, email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, familiarity with GoogleAds and social media apps such as Linked In and Instagram. 

  • AI Tools

Love it or hate it, AI is among us and it looks set to stay. When programmes such as ChatGPT and Bard hit our screens in the summer, it signalled the start of an AI revolution. As AI continues to develop, it will become an increasingly important tool to have in your skillset. To get the most out of AI applications, use them as you would any other computer software programme – as something that makes you more efficient at your job. And try to keep up to speed with all features of AI programmes that could be helpful in an office environment and familiarise yourself with any new updates.

How to improve your office software skills

Technology is always changing so it’s only right that you should improve your software skills to keep up. There are many classes or training courses in computer skills available, either online or at adult education centres. Universities and colleges also offer enhanced computer skills classes. You can also find free tutorials on YouTube and other platforms which will give you a good insight into computer applications and how to use them.

If you are looking for an office job, talk to one of our recruiters who can help match your computer skills with the ideal role. 

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