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Are you a recent graduate trying to decide on the right career path? Are you returning to work after having a career break and are unsure about the type of work that would make you happy? Or are you a seasoned worker who is perhaps just not in the right job, and you’re just not sure what position to take?

You’re not alone. A recent survey suggests that over two-thirds of adults in the UK were in a job they didn’t like or wasn’t the right fit.

The pandemic has highlighted this even more. Whilst some sectors like transport are thriving, hospitality and retail are suffering, with many people looking at changing careers.


Transferable skills

These are skills that can be adapted and used across a variety of different roles and fields. They could be skills you have learnt in the workplace, and it’s also worth considering any courses you have taken, volunteer work, internships, freelance work, even skills you use at home, including hobbies and sports you do.

Transferable skills could include:

– Leadership

– Problem-solving

– Teamwork

– Project Management

– Listening & Communication

– Time Management

– Writing

– Attention to detail

Make a list, think about what you’re good at when looking through job ads, read past the job titles, think about what they are looking for in terms of skills and abilities, and how your skills match. What did you enjoy doing in previous jobs? What did you dislike? Knowing your values, passions, and skills will help you understand what path to take and how these jobs fit your skillset.

If you’re still stuck and need some ideas, why not try some of these recommended quizzes that will help you decide.

Glassdoor –  try taking this quiz to see which type of job best fits your personality and lifestyle:

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator quiz is one of the most respected and used personality tests by career centres and hiring managers — and there’s a reason!  It helps define how people perceive the world, using four psychological functions.  These include sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking — four things that can help you determine what career field and, specifically, what job fits your personality best or avoid roles that don’t align with who you are and what you’re looking for in a career.

Try before you commit

Temp agencies such as RE Recruitment could hold the answer. We supply highly skilled workers to various industries and categories such as accounting and finance, marketing and communications, engineering, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, office and administrative.

We can provide you with many opportunities to work in different roles and different sized companies. Want to work for a start-up or Blue Chip? No problem.

Advantages to working on a temporary basis, to see which type of roles best suit you and make you happy include:

– The opportunity to work for companies ranging from start-ups to Blue Chips

– Working in different industries and see what fits you and makes you happy

– Updating and utilising the skills you have not used in a while

– Getting your foot in the door at companies you would love to work for in the long term

– Finding out what type of work makes you happy and getting that full-time position

The adage of ‘try it, you might like it’ has never rung so true. At RE, we don’t offer jobs. We provide career opportunities that can change your life and make you happy.

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