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What jobs do event staff do?

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What jobs do event staff do?

What jobs do event staff do?

Every day, hundreds of events take place across the UK and require temporary event staff to help them run smoothly. The event staff are the unsung heroes and the backbone of every successful event, adapting to diverse roles that cater to the unique demands of each setting. Below, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of event staff roles and some of the amazing events you can go to.

What types of roles use event staff?

A huge range of roles require filling at an event, depending on the size and type of event; in smaller events, you may be asked to do multiple roles. Below are just a few of the more common roles that we fill, and some of their responsibilities. 

Bar staff

This is one of the most common roles we fill. Due to the nature of the work, we require all applicants to be above 18. Whilst experience is not always necessary, sometimes it is preferable especially at busier events where time for training may be limited. 

Waiting staff

Probably our second most popular role. This can range from Christmas events for local companies to working boxes at the Cheltenham Gold Cup and even silver service. 

Security Roles

Event security may initially suggest the need for special training and qualifications. In reality, many event security staff are stewards, focusing on safety and crowd management rather than high-risk security measures. Their role is crucial in ensuring the well-being of attendees and maintaining order. Stewards often enjoy some of the best views of the event, allowing them to monitor the crowd effectively while experiencing the event firsthand.”

Kitchen roles

You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey to work in an event kitchen. While there are many chefs and line cooks, the roles you can expect in an event kitchen include running and cleaning. Your main responsibility will be ensuring that chefs and cooks have everything they need to prepare and serve food on time.

Back-of-house staff

Back-of-house roles can include porters to cleaners. Although these roles are often not company-facing, they are no less important than the rest on our list. They help keep the event running as smoothly as possible. These roles often suit those who do not want to deal with the public.

Customer focused roles

Depending on the event front of house can mean more than food and beverage. It can be anything from ticket handlers to merchandise sellers, and so much more. For these roles a positive outlook is essential as you will be the first person a guest interacts with.

What sort of events require event staff

The types of events can vary by the time of the year, and what is happening in the area. We work with many companies helping to place event staff locally and further afield. Whilst the majority of events take place in your area, there are sometimes reasons to travel, below are just a few of the main reasons we reach out for event staff.

Sporting events

Sporting events are a big reason why so many people are hired in the gig economy in the South West. The biggest has to be Gold Cup, but many sporting events are happening across the country throughout the year and many of the on a huge scale, meaning that there are many reasons for event staff.

Seasonal events

When thinking about seasonal events, Christmas work may come to mind first. While this can be a great opportunity, there are also many other events happening throughout the year, particularly in the summer. It is not uncommon for food and drink festivals to pop up, pop-up cinemas, and so much more to start happening when the British weather gets a bit warmer. 

Music events

The music scene in the UK is iconic; from huge stadium tours to multi-day festivals and even smaller local events, every music event needs staff. This is a great way for music lovers to get into events and witness their favourite bands whilst making some money. It is also a great way to hear live music, meet like-minded people, and maybe even discover a new musical love. 

Weddings and parties

While these seem like smaller parties, you would be surprised at the size of some weddings and private parties. Whilst smaller than some on the list, they still require staff to help the day run without a hitch. 

Can you find constant work as event staff?

We help place thousands of candidates every year in a wide range of event staff roles. While you might not find constant work through event staff placements, it is a great and flexible way to earn extra money around your day job. If you want to keep the flexibility going in a day-to-day role, we also offer a number of temporary and contract roles that could suit your needs.

Are event staff roles just for students?

No, not at all. While many students look for event staff roles as a way to make extra money, roles are open to everyone. Whether you are looking to make a little extra money during the holiday season or just want to try something new, there are always roles for people from different walks of backgrounds and different ages. 

How much can you make as event staff?

The amount you make can vary greatly depending on age and experience. Generally, the gig economy pays per hour and is usually just above minimum wage, but often, this is topped up with tips and other benefits.

How do I register for event staff roles? 

Registering with us is the best way to get access to our event staff positions. This means that you can be one of the first to learn about any roles as they come in. Many of our roles are filled by those registered with us and do not get advertised. 

If you would like to know more about our roles and if you would be suitable for any of them, you can reach out to a specialist member of our team

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