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Finding staff for seasonal work

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Finding staff for seasonal work

Finding staff for seasonal work

If your business has a seasonal shift in demand or workload it can be important to get the right staff in place, for many the thought of hiring temporary workers from abroad can seem overly complicated and stressful. At RE we have built a specialist team to help you find the right seasonal staff to suit your needs and ensure that your busy time isn’t filled with undue stress and legislation issues.

How to find staff for seasonal work

Finding the right staff for seasonal work can be difficult and confusing. For many people who may need to find staff for their busy season, the recruitment process is completely new and often a legal minefield. 

Finding the right staff depends completely on your industry and your needs. If you need a small team and can recruit locally, this is often the easiest job. However, if you need to bring a large number of people during harvest time or poultry season, you could be forced to look further afield and take advantage of the Seasonal Workers Visa Route

If you are considering the Seasonal Workers Visa Route, you may need specialist advice and guidance to ensure you are compliant with the law. That is why RE Recruitment has built a specialist team for this job. 

A specialist and dedicated team

Since 2007, we have built a dedicated Seasonal Division. This specialist team has helped place thousands of seasonal workers across the country in a wide range of roles in the poultry, agriculture, and horticulture sectors, as well as the manufacturing and warehousing industries.

We have built a system around reaching out to candidates who are eligible to work in the UK through their settled status, gained before Brexit, and who have since returned to their home country. These candidates are often happy to work on short-term contracts in the UK as the wages are often better than they can receive day to day.

In addition to supplying those with settled status into the UK, in 2021 RE was granted the Seasonal Poultry Visa licence by DEFRA as one of two UK-based providers to support labour challenges in the sector. This further substantiates our credibility as a compliant and robust operator.

What seasonal work do you place? 

The majority of the season work we fill is in the poultry, agriculture, and horticulture sectors, as well as the manufacturing and warehousing industries across the UK.

Thanks to this experience, we have unparalleled knowledge about what it takes to source and place foreign nationals in seasonal roles. Because many of our clients are in the remotest parts of the UK, we take on all of the logistics for them. This can include chartering flights, organising and checking accommodation and welfare for the workers, and dealing with mandatory legislative protocols. 

How to ensure you meet your legal needs

We have a history of working with clients in highly regulated supply chains and have developed a complete door-to-door experience to cover all welfare and compliance needs. 

Our in-house compliance team is on hand to provide support and even undertake audits on behalf of the client to ensure everything is fit and correct. This ensures our clients can be as stress-free as possible at an extremely busy time. 


If you are interested in hiring seasonal workers and need help finding the right staff, you can speak to a specialist member of our team who will be happy to guide you through the process and explain everything you need to know, from sourcing staff to hiring and even housing temporary staff. 

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