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Parental Rights in the Workplace: Knowing Your Rights

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Parental Rights in the Workplace: Knowing Your Rights

Parental Rights in the Workplace: Knowing Your Rights

Being a parent is a full-time job, and juggling it with a professional career can be a tightrope walk. The need for flexibility in the workplace has never been more apparent, especially for parents who must balance work commitments with responsibilities like school drop-offs and daycare timings. 

Recent legislative changes, such as the UK’s Pregnancy and Maternity (Redundancy Protection) Bill and the Flexible Working Bill, are making strides in this direction. But what does this mean for you as a job-seeking parent? Let’s delve into your rights and how you can negotiate for a work-life balance that suits your family’s needs.

The Changing Landscape: New Rules and Regulations

Flexible Working Bill

The UK government has recently passed the Flexible Working Bill, which allows employees to request flexible working arrangements from day one of their new job. This includes part-time work, flexi-time, compressed hours, and even the flexibility to work from different locations.

Pregnancy and Maternity (Redundancy Protection) Bill

This Bill aims to extend the existing protections against redundancy to pregnant women and those who have recently returned from family leave. If you’re returning to the job market post-maternity, this is a significant step towards ensuring your job security.

Your Rights as a Parent

Equality and Diversity

Employers are increasingly recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion, which extends to accommodating the needs of parents. Discrimination based on parental status is not just unethical but illegal.

Negotiating Flexibility

If you’re a dad who has been offered a new job and you currently enjoy the flexibility to do school drop-offs and pick-ups, you have the right to negotiate similar terms with your prospective employer. The new Flexible Working Bill supports you, requiring employers to consider such requests seriously.

Practical Tips for Job-Seeking Parents

  1. Be Open and Honest: During the interview process, be upfront about your need for flexible working hours. This will help you gauge the company’s openness to flexibility.
  2. Know the Law: Familiarise yourself with the latest legislation related to parental rights in the workplace. This knowledge will empower you during negotiations.
  3. Consult Company Policies: Before accepting a job offer, review the company’s policies on flexibility, parental leave, and other benefits that are important to you.
  4. Seek Advice: Organisations like “Pregnant then Screwed” offer resources and advice on how to handle discrimination or unfair treatment related to pregnancy or parental responsibilities.

Parental rights in the workplace is shifting towards greater flexibility and protection. As a parent seeking employment, you are not just looking for a job; you’re looking for an environment that respects and accommodates your dual role as a working parent. Armed with the right information and a clear understanding of your rights, you can make informed decisions that benefit both your career and your family.

Remember, being a parent doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your career aspirations. In today’s evolving work environment, you can indeed have the best of both worlds. 

At RE Recruitment, we can help you find your next role at an employer who values you as a worker and a parent. Whether you are just returning to work or looking for your next role, call us today or contact our team on, and a recruiter will get in contact.

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