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How to recruit for hospitality

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How to recruit for hospitality

How to recruit for hospitality

Hospitality is a unique sector. Unlike other industries, hospitality is based on relationships more than formal qualifications. With such a vast range of roles and job titles, LinkedIn or job boards might not always be the best place to find your next hire; some of the best staff will come through recommendations and relationships.

Search in the right places for the right candidates

Within hospitality, you need to know where to look to find the best candidates. Not everyone in the industry is actively looking for a new role. This means it is easy to miss the best candidates. Using a specialist recruiter who knows the market gives you a way in with some of the best hospitality talent in the area.

Use your network

Word of mouth and relationships make a difference in the hospitality sector. Good chefs know good chefs and great waitstaff know others who excel in their service. Don’t underestimate the value of personal recommendations. 

Ask around in your network when you’re looking for a new team member. You’ll often find that hires are just a few connections away.

Craft your job description

Your job specification needs to be more than just a basic outline of tasks. You should be detailing the details that matter, the hours and shift patterns such as weekend work, the type of work environment, as well as the interview process.

Remember, candidates are sizing you up just as much as you are sizing them up. The more appealing and clear you make the role, the better the talent you’ll attract.

Be Organised

You must be prepared to organise an assessment day or an on-the-job interview. This means having a kitchen ready for chefs to display their skills, having the ingredients, the workstation all ready, and a list of what you’d like them to cook. If it’s front-of-house staff you’re testing, have a series of customer interaction scenarios ready for role-play.

Move Quickly But Sensibly

Good candidates won’t wait around forever. If you’ve found someone perfect for the role, move swiftly. Remember, “swiftly” doesn’t mean “recklessly”; conduct reference checks, maybe even a second interview, and ensure they truly fit with your team.

Use a Recruiter

Job boards and your personal network are all well and good, but a specialist recruitment agency can be a game-changer; they already know who’s looking, who’s good, and who will fit in with your needs. They can also offer valuable market insights like salary benchmarks and skills shortages. The time saved and the quality of the candidate you’ll get can make it well worth the investment.

Finding the best staff in hospitality is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it is an industry that requires a personal touch, from how you look for candidates to how you bring them onto your team..  By getting the details right, whether it’s crafting a compelling job spec, preparing thoroughly for assessments, or choosing the right channels to find candidates, you set yourself up for success.

Don’t Rush

Because at the end of the day, the right staff aren’t just filling a role. They’re ambassadors of your brand and company culture, critical to delivering the service that keeps customers returning. So take the time, make the effort, and find the people who will help your business thrive.

To help get the best potential candidates for the job, Re Recruitment’s specialist hospitality recruiters can guide you through the process. Get in contact with our team to start your hiring process today. 

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