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How to solve Labour Shortage Problems with the Help of Seasonal Workers

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How to solve Labour Shortage Problems with the Help of Seasonal Workers

How to solve Labour Shortage Problems with the Help of Seasonal Workers

Walk down any high street in the UK and chances are you’ll pass a number of shop windows advertising job vacancies. This is especially true when hiring seasonal staff in peak seasons, such as Christmas and summer holidays when staff shortages are at their highest. Call it a kickback from covid or a Brexit-backlash, but whatever’s happening out there, it’s leaving a huge gap in the UK’s labour market.

According to the Office for National Statistics, one of the key features of the UK’s labour market in 2022 was staff shortages. Seasonal demand was a particular problem, with 32% of employers (with more than 10 staff and privately owned) encountering labour shortages in December 2022.  And it doesn’t look like that trend is going to change any time soon. That’s why the UK’s prime minister has pledged to get people back to the jobs market as a top priority for 2023.

But in the meantime, there are many strategies that employers can put in place to help solve labour shortage problems as RE Recruitment’s Head of On-site recruitment Mark Norton highlights below.

Why you should consider using seasonal employment to overcome labour shortages

One immediate solution to navigate the UK’s labour shortage is to explore seasonal workers as a recruitment solution. If you’re finding it difficult to recruit the numbers you need at peak season, Seasonal Recruitment Support could be the solution you need. This specialist service takes care of everything, from staff welfare, visas and accommodation to travel and transport, and all applicants undergo a thorough vetting process. Whether you’re recruiting in the food production sector, horticulture, warehousing, healthcare recruitment, or construction, seasonal workers can provide businesses with short-term or longer-term solutions to their labour shortages.

The advantages of using a seasonal worker recruitment solution

With the UK’s labour shortage at an all-time high, finding enough staff to meet your criteria at peak times is more difficult than ever. You need staff that are reliable, hard-working and willing to get the job done efficiently, leaving you free to focus on the running of your business at these busy times. That’s exactly what our seasonal recruitment support service can offer you.

Our Bucharest Recruitment Office, specialises in providing teams of seasonal workers for seasonal employment in the UK, and it couldn’t be simpler to get them on board. Here’s why you should consider a seasonal staff campaign for your business:

Eliminate any admin headaches

Our Bucharest office has been set up to offer a safe and stress-free route for seasonal workers to be employed in the UK. Our team manage the whole recruitment process for you, including all travel and visa requirements for workers, organising and providing comfortable, safe and audited accommodation, and managing the welfare of workers while they are in the UK. It really is a one-stop shop solution for businesses that need to hire staff to meet seasonal demand.

Hire a reliable and professional seasonal workforce

RE Recruitment employ seasoned professionals with experience of seasonal employment, meaning they are professional seasonal workers. Our workforce are well looked after, so staff retention is high, providing a talent pool of skills and experience that RE can pass on to UK businesses at peak times. We have a network of qualified seasonal workers who are committed to fixed placements, and are selected for their efficient and conscientious approach to work. That means you won’t have to worry about employees jumping ship or taking time off while they are with you!

Seasonal worker schemes are endorsed by the British Government

Following a competitive tender process, RE Recruitment were chosen as one of two suppliers for the UK’s seasonal worker visa scheme for the poultry sector. This means RE can sponsor a number of temporary migrant workers to apply for a seasonal visa. Applicants will be placed from October to December to cover the seasonal poultry labour shortage.

Saying no to modern slavery

One concern some companies may have about hiring seasonal workers from abroad is the risk of exploitation. RE Recruitment have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking. Staff are trained and workers are encouraged to speak out about any signs of exploitation and RE representatives are present at all stages of the recruitment process. We also hold a UK GLAA License (Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority) and are a ‘Stronger Together’ business partner, showing a public commitment to tackling hidden labour exploitation.

The seasonal worker recruitment practice is a tried and tested method that works

The hiring of seasonal workers can help to solve labour shortages in many industries including food production, horticulture and warehousing. RE Recruitment’s Seasonal Recruitment Service is so successful that many organisations come back year after year. That’s because the process we provide is a simple, one-stop service that represents a cost-effective way to increase productivity at busy times of the year.

Preparing to hire a number of staff for the seasonal period?

If you are interested in finding out how seasonal workers could help fill a labour shortage in your company, we would love to help. By submitting a staff requirement on our site you can share the details of your hiring requirements for one of our recruitment teams to get back to you.

Alternatively, why not contact us directly by calling 01242 505 400 and asking for our seasonal worker team?

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